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Meet Our Talented Group Of DJ's
With over 35 Years of Combined Experience.
Our DJ's are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you. You will also meet the DJ that will be performing at your specific event. 
We DO NOT contract any of our events out, as our reputation is on the line, so we use only our DJ's.
Marcus Smith (DJ Marcus) - Owner / Professional DJ / Master Of Ceremonies
It's hard to find a DJ more well rounded musically. In Marcus' collection you will find anything from Classical to Motown, Classic Rock, Mainstream (Top 40), Jazz (Old & New), Modern Rock, Hard Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, and Country' Marcus has always had a love of  music of all types. Growing up the youngest of 5 he was introduced to all genres of music early. 
Now having a large family of his own, his children keep him keyed up on the latest and greatest. 
A very diverse DJ that can play to all crowds young and old and from any background and the event moves along seamlessly.  Great personality goes along with great service, and Marcus will go above and beyond to make sure there are no hiccups at your event. Presently, over 450,000 songs are in his library. If he doesn't have your song we will be amazed, and with wireless internet and a music pool we will have it shortly after requested.

Damon Sams (DJ Dame) - Professional DJ / Master Of Ceremonies
Damon grew up with Marcus roller skating with a love for all kinds of music. He started out with his own DJ service ~ DFS Entertainment and he was welcomed to our team in 2011 to add more components to our team.  Not only is Damon a great entertainer for Wedding Receptions, but Damon is also the "go to guy" for our Kids Parties, Sweet 16's because of his personality. He loves the kids and his energy is an asset to kids parties.

Chris Bucci (DJ Christopher) - Professional DJ / Master of Ceremonies
Chris started off with his own business, DJ Christopher Productions. His reputation for delivering great entertainment is well known in the industry. Chris has a diverse music library and over 17 years of experience with many big events under his belt. A highly requested DJ that can read and play to any crowd or age group. Mix experience with Chris’s well rounded knowledge of all music genres and what you have is a great DJ that is sure to make your next event a success. Trusted and proven, Innovative Blends welcomes DJ Christopher to the team.